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What is a custom garage door?

On many homes, the garage door is the largest single feature of the exterior. A carefully selected garage door will add interest to your home, rather than just being a 'utility' feature of the facade. There are countless design options available with the quality manufacturers that Accent Doors represents, but if you are looking for a truly unique look for your garage doors, we can design a custom door that you help create.

The sections below will introduce you to the basics of how we can build a door of your creation.

Custom door fundamentals

To build a custom garage door, we begin with a manufactured door of either wood or steel. We then apply layers of material over the exterior surface of the door to achieve the design you have selected.

In the following sections, we'll discuss the different types of custom doors, and the selection of the different material that can go into the doors.

Types of custom doors
A banded door
Banded doors begin with a manufactured door, and then either cedar or smart trim are applied directly to the exterior skin of the door in a pattern of your choice. The trim material will applied all the way to edges of the door, so the door is actually outlined with the material. This holds the door farther away from the jamb, so the door requires special mounting brackets it install.

Typically, a banded door will be painted as opposed to staining.
A trimmed door
A trimmed door is similar to a banded door, the difference being the material does not go all the way to the edge. The trim material can be either smart trim or cedar, and these doors are also typically painted.
Overlay door with banding
This type of door uses either a banded or trimmed design, but applies this design to a material that is fastened to the surface of the base door. This material can be one of three materials.
Smart siding
....Smart siding-this is a paint grade material that is very durable. It comes with grooves either 4" or 8" on center

.....T-111-this is an exterior siding product that can be either painted or stained. It makes a better paint grade material than stain due to some imperfections in the grain. It comes either 4" or 8" on center.
T and G cedar
....Tongue and groove cedar-Makes a beautiful door.

So now that you have been introduced to the basics of custom doors, follow the links below to take a look at the different designs.

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